Journal Article

Reducing serious safety events and priority hospital-acquired conditions in a pediatric hospital with the implementation of a patient safety program.

Phipps AR; Paradis M; Peterson KA; Jensen J; Nielsen K; Hall M; Simonsen K; Norton BM.

This study chronicles the effort made by a children's hospital to enhance safety across all levels of the organization. Spurred by local data showing above-average rates of hospital-acquired complications, the hospital joined a quality improvement collaborative to implement a systemwide patient safety program. The interventions emphasized developing a culture of safety and included engaging leadership in improving safety through executive walk rounds, revamping the institution's root cause analysis and event reporting systems, and recognizing and rewarding staff for safety improvements. The program was associated with a significant decline in safety events. A prior publication found that safety event rates declined overall for the entire cohort of collaborative participants (33 hospitals in total).