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Journal Article

Safer prescribing for hospitalized older adults with an electronic health records‐based prescribing context.

Drago K, Sharpe J, De Lima B, et al. J Am Geriatrics Soc. 2020;68(9):2123-2127.

Medications, particularly those with significant side effects, may be considered inappropriate for prescribing in elderly patients and can result in adverse outcomes.This study examined the impact of an automated electronic health record (EHR)-based support tool on potentially inappropriate medication doses in hospitalized elderly adults (age 75 and above) prescribed medications with geriatric-specific dose consideration. Among commonly ordered medications (such as antipsychotics, opioid- and non-opioid pain relievers, sleep agents, and anticholinergics), the support tool helped align drug doses for older adults and reduced total daily dose and average dose.