Special or Theme Issue

Safety and Reliability in Pediatrics.

Jacobs BR; Coppes MJ; Micalizzi DA; Bismark MM; Abramson EL; Kaushal R; Scanlon M; Lemon V; Stockwell DC; Crandall WV; Davis JT; McClead R; Brilli RJ; Shin AY; Longhurst CA; Shark PJ; Deshpande JK; Throop PG; Slayton JM; Rosenbluth G; Landrigan CP; Griswold S; Ponnuru S; Nishisaki A; Szyld D; Davenport M; Deutsch ES; Nadkarni V; Neuspiel DR; Stubbs EH; Flack MN; Gross TP; Reid JS; Mills TT; Francis J; Mickalide A; Carr K.

Articles in this special issue explore strategies to improve safety in pediatric care, including computerized provider order entry, simulation training, sleep schedules, and standardized morbidity and mortality rounds.