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Safety by design.

Runciman WB; Williamson JA; Deakin A; Benveniste KA; Bannon K; Hibbert PD; Johnson CW; Lowe CM; Amalberti R; Vincent C; Auroy Y; de Saint Maurice G; Karsh BT; Holden RJ; Alper SJ; Or CK; Carayon P; Schoofs Hundt A; Karsh BT; Gurses AP; Alvarado CJ; Smith M; Flatley Brennan P; Grout JR; Senders JW; Carroll JS; Rudolph JW; Reiling J; Galbraith RM; Holtman MC; Clyman SG; Battles JB; Henriksen K; Dayton E; Barach P; Johnson JK

This supplement draws from key thinkers in systems design, human factors, and education to look at the impact and effect that design has on improving health care.