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Special or Theme Issue

Salzburg Global Seminar Session 565—Better Health Care: How Do We Learn About Improvement?

Ramaswamy R; Reed J; Livesley N; Boguslavsky V; Sax S; Houleymata D; Kimble LE; Parry G; Coly A; Rowe A; Chattu VK; Logiudice D; Rabrenovic M; Nambiar B; Massoud MR; Goldmann D; Ovretveit J; Dixon N; Hirschhorn LR; Devnani M; Wandersman A; Simpson LA; Garcia-Elorrio E; Barry D; Jha A; Dolan-Branton L; Marx M; Reid A; Reid J; Agins B; Iqbal U; Abrampah NM; Syed SB.

Skills in studying, designing, implementing, and measuring improvement initiatives are necessary to ensure broad transfer of innovations. Articles in this special issue offer insights from an international consensus-building session that explored methods of creating actionable information from health care improvement work. In the editorial, the authors suggest that guidance is needed to help investigators to enhance the rigor and transferability of results to support systemwide learning and improvement.