Special or Theme Issue

Simulation in Otolaryngology.

Bhatti NI; Bowe SN; Johnson K; Puscas L; Burns JA; Adkins LK; Dailey S; Klein AM; Chandrasekhar SS; Jabbour N; Snyderman CH; Javia L; Sardesai MG; Kearney JA; Deutsch ES; Lee AY; Fried MP; Gibber M; Malekzadeh S; Myer CM IV; VanKoevering KK; Malloy KM; Volk MS; Wiet GJ; Sørensen MS; Andersen SAW; Yeh DH; Fung K.

This special issue highlights areas in otolaryngology where simulation is being used to develop multidisciplinary team-based approaches to care and education. Topics covered include the use of simulation for system improvement, the value of debriefing, and the economics of simulation.