Special or Theme Issue

Special Issue: Patient Safety.

Hallock ML; Alper SJ; Karsh B; Hellier E; Edworthy J; Derbyshire N; Costello A; Hignett S; Masud T; Healey AN; Sevdalis N; Vincent CA; Catchpole KR; Giddings AE; de Leval MR; Peek GJ; Godden PJ; Utley M; Gallivan S; Hirst G; Dale T; Dieckmann P; Reddersen S; Wehner T; Rall M; Nyssen AS; Blavier A; Kanse L; Van Der Schaaf TW; Vrijland ND; Van Mierlo H; Kostopoulou O; Carayon P; Hundt AS; Alvarado CJ; Springman SR; Ayoub P; Elfering A; Semmer NK; Grebner S; Fogarty GJ; McKeon CM; Edworthy J; Hignett S; Hellier E; Stubbs D.

The 13 articles in this special issue cover topics on the role of ergonomics in patient safety.