Special or Theme Issue

Special section: patient safety.

Salas E; Baker D; King H; Battles J; Wolf LD; Potter P; Sledge JA; Boxerman SB; Grayson D; Evanoff B; Patterson ES; Rogers ML; Chapman RJ; Render ML; DeLucia PR; Mather RD; Griswold JA; Mitra S; Filik R; Purdy K; Gale A; Gerrett D; Escoto KH; Karsh B; Beasley JW; Drews FA; Bliss JP; Schmidt EA; Thompson SN; Scerbo MW; Syroid N; Agutter J; Strayer DL; Westenskow DR; Lai F; Macmillan J; Daudelin DH; Kent DM.

This set of ten articles addresses the role that human factors plays in patient safety issues, including medication administration barcoding, virtual reality simulation, and decision support system acceptance.