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PSNet: Patient Safety Network
Special or Theme Issue

Special Section on Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare.

Andersen HB; Lipczak H; Borch-Johnsen K; Ekstedt M; Ödegård S; Dyrstad DN; Testad I; Aase K; Storm M; Sandager M; Sperling C; Jensen H; Vinter MM; Knudsen JL; Doupi P; Svaar H; Bjørn B; Deilkås E: Nylén U: Rutberg H; Haugen AS; Høyland S; Thomassen O; Jepsen RMHG; Østergaard D; Dieckmann P; Siemsen IMD; Petersen LF; Nielsen J; Wears RL; Yahia WB; Vanderhaegen F; Polet P; Tricot N; Mouronte-López ML; Donald FM; Donald CHM; Sætren GB; Laumann K; Silvennoinen M; Antikainen T; Mecklin J.

Articles in this special issue explore patient safety from a sociotechnical viewpoint and provide a multidisciplinary discussion on how technology, patient engagement, incident reporting, data management, and process improvement offer opportunities to prevent medical error.