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Journal Article

Using four-phased unit-based patient safety walkrounds to uncover correctable system flaws.

Taylor AM, Chuo J, Figueroa-Altmann A, et al. Joint Commission journal on quality and patient safety. 2013;39:396-403.

Leadership WalkRounds—derived from the business management approach of "management by walking around"—are being more widely used as a means of error detection and improving safety culture. This report from a children's hospital, in which structured walkrounds by nursing and physician leaders were implemented on six units, found that this approach increased staff engagement in safety efforts, identified hidden system flaws, and resulted in the successful implementation of multiple quality improvement projects. Although this study did not specifically measure the effect of walkrounds on safety climate, prior studies have found conflicting results, which might imply that different methods of performing walkrounds may influence their success.