Journal Article

Using a network organisational architecture to support the development of Learning Healthcare Systems.

Britto MT, Fuller SC, Kaplan HC, et al. BMJ quality & safety. 2018;27:937-946.

The National Academy of Sciences has advocated for a Learning Healthcare System in which patients are engaged in shared decision-making to choose evidence-based, high-quality care. However, realizing the vision of a system that improves over time as a direct result of learning captured from patient care has proved challenging. This study describes the development and implementation of a network organizational model for learning health care networks. The authors note that several organizations following such a model (e.g., the Solutions for Patient Safety Network) have been successful in improving patient outcomes. While the networks described focus on pediatric care, they suggest that the same principles and processes could be applied to improve outcomes for other populations. A past PSNet perspective discussed the use of complex health care data to improve patient care.