Journal Article

We will not compete on safety: how children's hospitals have come together to hasten harm reduction.

Lyren A; Coffey M; Shepherd M; Lashutka N; Muething S.

Reducing harm often requires implementing multicomponent interventions and engaging frontline staff to make change. Prior research has shown that cross-institutional collaboration can facilitate sharing of data and dissemination of best practices to improve safety. The Children's Hospitals' Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) Network fosters collaboration across 137 hospitals in the United States and Canada to reduce harm from hospital-acquired conditions and adverse events. Hospitals share their data through SPS and have an opportunity to learn from one another. This study describes the efforts of SPS and concludes that since 2012, an initial group of 33 hospitals has successfully reduced harm across eight conditions by anywhere from 9% to 71%. This represents almost $150 million in savings from harm avoided for an estimated 9000 children. A prior WebM&M commentary discussed a medication error that involved a young infant.