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The AHRQ PSNet Collection comprises an extensive selection of resources relevant to the patient safety community. These resources come in a variety of formats, including literature, research, tools, and Web sites. Resources are identified using the National Library of Medicine’s Medline database, various news and content aggregators, and the expertise of the AHRQ PSNet editorial and technical teams.

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Hyman DA, Lerner J, Magid DJ, et al. JAMA Health Forum. 2023;4:e225436.
Prior research has shown that physicians with more than three paid medical malpractice claims are at increased risk of another claim in the next two years. This study assessed the risk of additional claims after just one paid malpractice claim, whether public disclosure of claims increased the risk, and whether the risk changes over time. The authors also compare actual claims rates to simulated rates if malpractice claims were “random” events unrelated to prior claims.
Reed BN, Fox ER, Konig M, et al. Am Heart J. 2016;175:130-41.
Patients hospitalized with cardiovascular conditions are particularly vulnerable to medication errors. This review explains how drug shortages associated with cardiovascular medications pose risks to patients and provides recommendations for clinicians, policymakers, and manufacturers to address this problem.
WebM&M Case May 1, 2015
A man with a history of poorly controlled diabetes and pancreatic insufficiency was found unresponsive. Paramedics transported him to the emergency department, where a resident placed a right internal jugular line for access but was unable to confirm placement. The resident pulled the line, opened a second line insertion kit, started over, and confirmed placement with ultrasound. The patient went into cardiac arrest, and a chest radiograph noted a retained guidewire in the pulmonary artery.
Magid DJ, Sullivan AF, Cleary PD, et al. Ann Emerg Med. 2009;53:715-723.e1.
… specialty consultations in emergency departments. … Magid DJ, Sullivan AF, Cleary PD, et al. The safety of emergency care systems: Results of a survey of clinicians in 65 US emergency departments.  Ann Emerg Med . 2009;53(6):715-23.e1. doi:10.1016/j.annemergmed.2008.10.007 …
Masoudi FA, Magid DJ, Vinson DR, et al. Circulation. 2006;114:1565-71.
The investigators studied medical records of heart attack victims and found that 12% did not have their tests interpreted correctly in the emergency room and did not receive appropriate care for acute myocardial infarction.
Palen TE, Raebel MA, Lyons E, et al. Am J Manag Care. 2006;12:389-395.
… The American journal of managed care … Am J Manag Care … Increased use of computerized physician order … to modify prescribing behavior and reduce errors. This study randomized primary care physicians to receive specific laboratory monitoring alerts for a selected group of medications and compared their practices …