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Boodman SG. Washington Post. January 23, 2021.

Misdiagnosis can perpetuate over a long period and delay a correct course of treatment. This news feature shares an example of depression misdiagnosis that masked the true problem of a neurological tumor manifesting in what was seen and treated as a psychological condition. 
Ganguli I. Washington Post. January 5, 2020.
Overdiagnosis and uncertainty can result in a range of care activities that contribute to financial, emotional and physical harms to patients and families. This story discusses unintended consequences of a medical test and offers suggestions for patients and clinician to reduce the potential for these harms without compromising care.
Dembosky A. All Things Considered and KQED. January 23, 2019.
Policy, practice, and communication strategies have been implemented in an effort to stem the opioid crisis and prescribing activities that contribute to misuse. This news article and accompanying webcast discuss an initiative in California that sends letters to prescribers whose patients have died due to opioid overdose. The piece outlines unintended consequences associated with the practice, including clinician reluctance to prescribe opioids for pain. An Annual Perspective discussed the patient safety aspects of the opioid epidemic.
Medical care overuse is emerging as a patient safety hazard that can result in harms such as unneeded testing and poor end-of-life care. This collection of articles and audiovisual resources explore factors that contribute to medical care overuse and its impact on patients and their families.
Szabo L.
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment present a challenge to patient safety. This news article reports on the prevalence of overtreatment among patients with cancer, how it can result in patient harm, and patient stories that illustrate the impact of overtreatment. A past PSNet interview discussed the patient safety implications of diagnostic radiology overuse. 
Gawande A. The New Yorker. May 2015
The overuse of medical care and its negative impact on personal health and finances is an emerging concern. This magazine article provides insights from a surgeon about how providing unnecessary care can contribute to patient harm and waste. Consequences of unneeded medical care include overtesting, overdiagnosis, and overtreatment. A previous AHRQ WebM&M perspective explored overuse as a patient safety problem.