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Quick Safety. October 6, 2020;55:1-4.

Telehealth benefits, barriers, and challenges have become more apparent due to its increased use due to COVID-19 physical distancing and quarantine measures. This report summarizes actions to enhance the safety of telehealth. These actions include proactive determination of metrics and a process for tracking activities, use of protocols for telehealth visits, staff training, and orientation to effective care standards and protocols.     
George J, Elwy AR, Charns MP, et al. Jt Comm J Qual Patient. 2020.
This retrospective study explored whether staff perceptions of organizational culture at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) were associated with large-scale adverse events. The authors found an inverse association between a supportive organizational culture and the incidence of large-scale adverse events. Results suggest that in hospitals with reciprocal engagement (i.e., staff perceptions that the organization cares about the employee), staff are more likely to adhere to safety practices that prevent or mitigate large-scale adverse events.