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The AHRQ PSNet Collection comprises an extensive selection of resources relevant to the patient safety community. These resources come in a variety of formats, including literature, research, tools, and Web sites. Resources are identified using the National Library of Medicine’s Medline database, various news and content aggregators, and the expertise of the AHRQ PSNet editorial and technical teams.

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Kemper KJ, Schwartz A, Wilson PM, et al. Pediatrics. 2020;145:e20191030.
… Pediatrics … Physician burnout has been associated with increased patient safety … A recent national survey of pediatric residents found burnout rates exceeded 50%. The survey found that risk of burnout was associated with reported stress, sleepiness, …
Wu AW, Dzau VJ. Ann Intern Med. 2019;171:933-934.
… lessons learned in patient safety to address clinician burnout . Lessons include (1) focusing on systems-level … Dzau VJ. What can patient safety teach us about clinician burnout? Ann Intern Med. 2019 Dec 10. doi: 10.7326/M19-2397. …
Cooper SL, Carleton HL, Chamberlain SA, et al. Burn Res. 2016;3.
Burnout Research … Burnout is a pervasive problem in health care that can affect … that nursing home health aides experience significant burnout, exacerbated by workplace factors such as staffing … that lead to increased workload and subsequent burnout. …

Laschinger H, Montgomery A, eds. Burnout Res. 2014;1:57-102.

Burnout has been linked to depression, work dissatisfaction , … experiences regarding negative gossip as a risk factor for burnout, tools to assess burnout in health care, and the role of leadership in …
NAM Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience. Case Study Webinar Series on Clinician Burnout: The Ohio State University. National Academies of Medicine.
… Clinician burnout improvement programs rely on local experience and … and Resilience. Case Study Webinar Series on Clinician Burnout: The Ohio State University. National Academies of …
Perspective on Safety January 1, 2015
… Annual Perspective 2015 … Burnout is a syndrome characterized by emotional exhaustion … In the past few years, the growing prevalence of burnout syndrome among health care personnel has gained … threat to health care quality and patient safety. Burnout is common among health care workers. Characteristics …
Patient Safety Primer September 27, 2022
… and practice in the patient safety field. … Background … Burnout is described by the World Health Organization as an … the International Classification of Diseases 2 describes burnout as a syndrome that is characterized by three … reduced professional efficacy. Using this definition of burnout, which refers specifically to phenomena and stressors …
Hu Y-Y, Ellis RJ, Hewitt B, et al. New Engl J Med. 2019;381:1741-1752.
… N. Engl. J. Med. … Physician burnout  can negatively impact not only physician well-being, … or abuse; 38.5% of residents reported weekly burnout systems and 4.5% reported suicidal thoughts within the past year. Residents reporting burnout or suicidal thoughts were more likely to have …
Rehder KJ, Adair KC, Hadley A, et al. Jt Comm J Qual Saf. 2020;46:18-26.
This study used a brief survey to evaluate disruptive behaviors in one large health system, and its relationship to safety culture. Disruptive behaviors (most commonly bullying and inappropriate discontinuation of communication, such as hanging up the phone) were noted by more than half of individuals surveyed and occurred in nearly all work settings. Greater exposure to disruptive behaviors was associated with poorer teamwork climate, safety climate, and job satisfaction
Jones AM, Clark JS, Mohammad RA. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2021;78:818-824.
Burnout has been a focus of numerous studies since the … COVID-19 pandemic; however, this is the first to focus on burnout and secondary traumatic stress (STS) among health … had a moderate to high likelihood of experiencing burnout and 51% had a high probability of STS. Due to the …
O'Connor K, Neff DM, Pitman S. Eur Psychiatry. 2018;53:74-99.
… Eur. Psychiatry … Clinician burnout has been associated with decreased job satisfaction. Burnout may also be detrimental to patient safety . This … systematic review and meta-analysis found high rates of burnout among mental health professionals. The authors …
Lou SS, Lew D, Harford DR, et al. J Gen Intern Med. 2022;37:2165-2172.
… research has suggested many physicians experience burnout which can negatively impact patient safety. This … workload (collected via electronic health record audit) on burnout and medication errors (i.e., retract-and-reorder … interns . Higher levels of workload were associated with burnout; there was no statistically significant association …
Al-Ghunaim TA, Johnson J, Biyani CS, et al. Am J Surg. 2022;224:228-238.
Burnout in healthcare providers has been linked to lower … examined studies focusing on the relationship between burnout and patient safety and professionalism in surgeons. Results indicate higher rates of burnout and emotional exhaustion were associated with an …