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After placing a central line in an elderly patient following a heart attack, a community hospital transferred him to a referral hospital for stenting of his coronary arteries. He was discharged to an assisted living facility 2 days later, with the central line still in place.
Cohen MR.
This monthly error report analysis includes examples of miscommunication regarding medication allergy, incorrect dosing of opiates, and misplacement of a medication patch in an automated dispensing cabinet.
Cohen MR.
This monthly selection of medication error reports describes mix-ups involving insulin being administered instead of heparin and discusses issues of software and staff unawareness leading to dosage mishaps.
Cohen MR.
This monthly selection of medication error reports provides examples of drug misadministration, confusion with drug names, and administration of chemotherapy to the wrong patient, plus suggested United States adopted names for drugs.
Cohen MR.
This monthly selection of medication error reports discusses helpful tips for how to avoid similar mistakes. The primary focus of this segment is safety issues associated with the diabetic therapy Symlin.