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Horowitz SH. Washington Post. October 4, 2020.

The harm of misdiagnosis can be extended by lack of clinician recognition and acceptance of the error when a patient raises concerns. This news story shares the experience of a physician-patient whose recognition of a diagnostic mistake was initially dismissed. The author defines the repeated lack of organizational willingness to resolve the situation as a normalized deviance in health care.
Clifford S. The Atlantic. 2020;August 20.
Diagnostic decision-making is susceptible to cognitive biases and error in stressful situations. This feature article illustrates how misdiagnosed child abuse can not only affect the patient but create collateral damage to the families involved.

Palmer J. Patient Saf Qual Healthcare. Sept/Oct 2019.

The pace of emergency care delivery can reduce reliability. This news story discusses an analysis of medical liability claims over a 5-year period that found diagnostic failure to be the driver of over 50% of the emergency department claims reviewed.
Martin N, Montagne R. ProPublica and National Public Radio. May 12, 2017.
Maternal mortality is increasing in the United States. This news article reports on this critical safety problem in the context of the preventable death of a patient whose diagnosis of preeclampsia was missed by her providers, despite persistent concerns raised by family about the patient's symptoms.
Donnelly L.
Delays in care and diagnosis can result in patient harm. This news article reports on the trend of delays in prehospital emergency care as a safety concern in the United Kingdom and describes an incident involving an infant who died from sepsis after a call handler from the NHS 111 service failed to recognize that the child required urgent care.
Shell ER. Scientific American. 2015;313:28-9.
Reporting on how test inaccuracies can lead to misdiagnosis of food allergies in children and the potential consequences, this magazine article describes a diagnostic tool to detect allergies and a desensitization process to reduce incidence of allergies in children.
Dunklin R, Thompson S. Dallas Morning News. December 6, 2014.
This news article reports on the widely publicized delayed diagnosis of Ebola at a Dallas hospital and reveals previously undisclosed details from the emergency room physician who misdiagnosed the patient when he first presented, including information and communication gaps that may have contributed to the failure.
Loftis RL. Dallas Morning News. October 5, 2014.
Guidelines and rules are developed to help augment safety, but they cannot guarantee it. This news article explores the potential causes for a missed diagnosis of Ebola despite screening procedures for the virus, including weaknesses in an electronic health record system, complacency, and poor communication.