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Bookwalter CM. US Pharmacist. 2021;46(2):25-28. 


COVID-19 has increased uncertainties in sectors across health care. This article discusses a variety of supply-chain factors that impact medication availability. The author suggests roles for pharmacists in antibiotic stewardship and policy implementation to manage shortages safely.
Girion L, Levine D, Respaut R. Reuters. 2020;June 9.
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the supply of protective equipment, medical devices and medications. This article discusses how economics contribute to drug shortages and highlights the specific impact on access to the opioids essential for providing safe care for hospitalized patients with COVID-19.
Rabin RC. Faced with a drug shortfall, doctors scramble to treat children with cancer. New York Times. October 14, 2019.
Drug shortages create potential complexities in drug therapy that can result in unsafe medication use. This story examines a vincristine shortage affecting pediatric patients.  Systemic factors contributing to the problem discussed include medications produced by a single supplier and workarounds when supplies are threatened. 

ISMP Medication Safety Alert! Acute Care Edition. January 11, 2018;23:1-4.

Drug shortages are known to disrupt the safety of care. This newsletter article reports the results of a survey exploring the impact of drug shortages on practice and recommends strategies to help organizations safely manage drug shortages, including standardizing processes and raising awareness among clinicians regarding shortages.
Fink S. New York Times. January 29, 2016.
Drug shortages have become a routine challenge in medicine. Reporting on the impact of medication shortages on care delivery and decision making, this newspaper article discusses processes in place to manage patient care as safely as possible and ethical dilemmas health care providers have faced in light of the reduced availability of medications.

ISMP Medication Safety Alert! Acute Care Edition. July 29, 2010;15:1-4.

This article discusses medication shortages and how they exacerbate medication error and treatment delay. The piece includes a link to a brief survey on this topic.