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Errors in medication management and administration are major threats to patient safety. This piece explores issues with opioid and nursing-sensitive medication safety as well as medication safety in older adults. Future research directions in medication safety are also discussed.

Dunbar NM, Kaufman RM. Transfusion (Paris). 2022;62:44-50.
… … Transfusion (Paris) … Wrong blood in tube (WBIT) errors can be classified as intended patient drawn/wrong … label applied. In this international study, errors were divided almost evenly between the two types and … (e.g. technology not used or not used appropriately) and slips/lapses (e.g., registration errors ). Additional …
Mylopoulos M. Top Cogn Sci. 2021;Epub Jun 19.
… Top Cogn Sci … Unintentional unsafe actions such as slips can threaten patient safety. This article discusses “action slips” – failure to act as one intends in the context of … action – and the psychological mechanisms underlying slips. … Mylopoulos M. Oops! I did it again: the psychology …
Alshahrani F, Marriott JF, Cox AR. Int J Clin Pharm. 2020;43:884-892.
Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) can prevent prescribing errors, but patient safety threats persist. Based on qualitative interviews with multidisciplinary prescribers, the authors identified several issues related to CPOE interacting within a complex prescribing environment, including alert fatigue, remote prescribing, and default auto-population of dosages.
… the importance of handoffs in reducing medication errors  Identify unique challenges associated with care … however, this class of drugs is frequently associated with errors that can result in adverse events including falls, … Medication administration is complex and often leads to errors and adverse outcomes when best practices are not …
… connected to any tubing. This is a scenario that begs for errors to be made because it is very easy to inadvertently … has been very helpful for anesthesiologists to prevent errors resulting from erroneously infusing epidural … and the anesthesia staff could also have prevented these errors. Communication about relevant matters needs to be …
Marzal-Alfaro MB, Rodriguez-Gonzalez CG, Escudero-Vilaplana V, et al. Health Informatics J. 2020;26:1995-2010.
… an image-based workflow software on reducing chemotherapy errors. After software implementation, the overall medication … error rate decreased significantly, as did all types of errors except wrong medicinal product errors. …
Pourteimour S, Hemmati MalsakPak M, Jasemi M, et al. Pediatr Qual Saf. 2019;4.
This single site study examined the effect of a smartphone messenger app on nursing students’ learning about preventing medication errors in pediatric patients. Researchers concluded that such a tool can reduce medication errors and increase learning among nursing students.
… pneumonia and hypertension. This commentary highlights two errors that led to HA malnutrition in this case and discusses … required length for NPO is often overestimated leading to errors in diet orders. 20,21 Errors associated with diet orders are common. 9, 20,22 …