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Whitaker B. CBS News. May 22, 2022.

Drug shortages represent a complex system level challenge in health care that can harm patients. This news segment details economic and production factors that affect the availability of generic medications. Clinicians and families were interviewed to share tactics for managing these situations to support patient safety despite shortages.

Institute for Safe Medication Practices. April 6, 2022. 

Drug diversion can result in patient harm due to reduced medication availability, impaired clinician performance, and loss of trust. This webinar discussed the impact of drug diversion at a system level and outlined steps an organization can take to minimize this risk through workplace health strategies and stewardship programs.

Institute for Safe Medication Practices and US Food and Drug Administration Division of Drug Information. June 23, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic response is creating a need for care delivery adjustments that include changes in pharmacy and medication practices. This webinar discussed process alterations that have the potential to impact safe medication administration and provide context for the changes to help ensure they are effectively implemented.
Graham LR; Scudder L; Stokowski L.
Errors in the prescribing process can lead to adverse drug events. This slide set provides information about common problems in prescribing such as selecting the wrong drug in a drop-down menu, formulation mix-ups, alert fatigue, poor quality of data in health information systems, and use of ambiguous abbreviations.
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology; ONC; RTI International.
Health information technology (IT) is seen as an important facilitator of transparency in health care, despite problems associated with these systems. This series of 10 webinars highlighted topics and research associated with the goal of improving the use of health IT, a national plan for a new health IT infrastructure and how it would be implemented.
Suares W.
This video news segment reports how incorrect medications can be dispensed from pharmacies, notes a lack of regulation mandating that pharmacy errors are reported, and offers tips for patients to reduce risks.
Silverman L. Morning Edition. National Public Radio. June 9, 2014.
This radio segment discusses the experience of a pediatric medical center that hired pharmacists for its emergency department to review medication orders before the medicine is dispensed and administered in an effort to prevent medication errors.
Gill L.
This video reports on a sampling of prescriptions from major retail pharmacies that demonstrated gaps, inconsistencies, and lack of clarity in drug information distributed to patients with their medications.
Haythorn R. ABC News. February 7, 2011.
This video news segment reports on a pharmacy error involving similar patient names. A pregnant woman was mistakenly given a chemotherapy medication instead of an antibiotic.
Ross B.
This video news story discusses medication errors in retail pharmacies. The piece investigates how the lack of training standards for pharmacy technicians and the presence of production pressures contribute to such errors.
Stewart A; National Public Radio; NPR; Vaida A.
In the context of recent highly publicized errors involving heparin dosing, this audio segment reports on how human errors and system breakdowns contribute to medication mistakes.