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PSNet: Patient Safety Network

PSNet is getting a Redesign!

Coming in April, 2021

We are updating PSNet to be more user-friendly so it can better address your needs. Scroll down to learn about key features of the new design!

What You Can Expect

Brand New Navigation

We heard from you that the existing PSNet could benefit from clearer navigation to make it easier to find what you need. Our new navigation is designed around your goals, which makes it easy to use as you move around the site.

Updates You’ll See:

  • Hover navigation and clear secondary navigation to help you know where to go next
  • Overview pages for each section to introduce you to its content
new navigation

Search Improvements

We heard from you that you that search is extremely important, and that you want to see search results featuring all PSNet content types that match your topic of interest.

Updates You’ll See:

  • Search as a focal point on the new site, available prominently on the home page and accessible throughout site
  • An improved search results display makes it easier to quickly scan through for what you need
  • Improved filters to help you find what you need faster
search improvements

New Sections of Content

We heard from you that you want easier ways to quickly locate Classics and Toolkits.

Updates You’ll See:

  • A new Classics section that aggregates all of PSNet’s Classics into one convenient location
  • Easy-to-find Toolkits available under Improvement Resources
  • Content from the Patient Safety Innovations Exchange available under Improvement Resources
New Sections of Content

Improved Readability

We heard from you that some of PSNet’s pages are hard to read because they are presented with so much densely packed information, which can make them hard to scan through, so we’ve improved readability to make them more user-friendly.

Updates You’ll See:

  • Reimagined home page to get you to the sections of the site that you care about most
  • Landing pages with clear explanations of their content
  • Redesigned article pages that give you more space to read and absorb information
Improved Readability

My Account Section Overhaul

We heard from you that the My Account section could be confusing and didn’t always work as you expected.

Updates You’ll See:

  • A My CME page that now provides an easy and comprehensive view of all your courses and quizzes
  • Clear, intuitive ways to edit and save your profile information
My Account Section Overhaul