Journal Article

Complications and death at the start of the new academic year: is there a July phenomenon?

Inaba K; Recinos G; Teixeira PGR; Barmparas G; Talving P; Salim A; Brown C; Rhee P; Demetriades D.

Trauma patients admitted in the early weeks of the academic year were in fact more likely to experience in-hospital complications than patients admitted at the end of the academic year, according to this analysis conducted at a large trauma center with around-the-clock, in-house attending physician supervision. However, the overall risk-adjusted mortality rate remained the same across both periods. The introduction of new, inexperienced residents and students in July has been termed the "July phenomenon" due to its purported association with adverse events, and a recent Australian study also found an increase in anesthesia-related errors associated with the beginning of the academic year.