Journal Article

Introduction to the STS National Database Series: outcomes analysis, quality improvement, and patient safety.

Jacobs JP; Shahian DM; Prager RL; Edwards FH; McDonald D; Han JM; D'Agostino RS; Jacobs ML; Kozower BD; Badhwar V; Thourani VH; Gaissert HA; Fernandez FG; Wright C; Fann JI; Paone G; Sanchez JA; Cleveland JC Jr; Brennan JM; Dokholyan RS; O'Brien SM; Peterson ED; Grover FL; Patterson GA.

Enabling clinicians and management to access data can help them uncover weaknesses in practice, determine performance measures, and drive improvements. This commentary introduces a series of upcoming articles that will explore information derived from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Database to aid in understanding patient safety hazards in cardiothoracic surgery.