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PSNet: Patient Safety Network

Selection Criteria and Honorarium Information

Selection Criteria

We are looking for interesting, provocative cases that illustrate key issues in patient safety and quality. Cases including complete information can be processed more quickly (but note the word limit for each section of the submission form).

When a case is selected, the editors invite an expert author to write a commentary based on the case. Note that if your case is selected, you will not receive any "authorship" because case submissions are anonymous. (Do not provide any personally identifiable information, and do not use institution names or locations.)

In general, case submitters should expect an email reply regarding their submission (selected or not) within 10–12 weeks.

How a Case Is Selected

The editors review submitted cases regularly and judge cases using the following criteria:

  • How interesting is the case clinically?
  • How applicable is the case from a medical error/patient safety standpoint?
  • Is the case an important example of a common error, or is it unique but nevertheless raises some key issues of general interest?
  • Does the case have major educational value?
  • Does the case highlight important systems issues?
  • You may be contacted if further information is needed to judge your case submission.

Reasons a case is not selected:

  • Does not meet any of the criteria above.
  • Violates patient confidentiality.
  • No error occurred, or it is unclear whether an error occurred.
  • Incident not related to patient safety, as defined in the PSNet Glossary.
  • Insufficient clinical detail is available to assess what happened or to identify opportunities for prevention or mitigation.
  • The subject matter/issue closely relates to a current case.


Submitters of selected cases will receive $300. If your case is selected, you will receive detailed instructions via e-mail on how to collect payment. For additional information visit the PSNet FAQ page.