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Innovation Submissions

Individuals or organizations are encouraged to submit new or reimagined patient safety innovations that have been implemented, evaluated, sustained, and demonstrate significant improvement to patient safety outcomes and/or practices.
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How it works

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1. Submit

Submit responses to a few questions regarding your innovation.

Review Open Book

2. Review

Our team will review your submission and follow up if any additional information is required.

Decision Person Checkmark

3. Decision

You will receive notification within 4-6 weeks regarding whether your innovation has been selected to be highlighted on PSNet.

What You Need to Know

Innovations will be selected for inclusion on PSNet based on the following criteria:
  • Applicable to US healthcare setting
  • Grounded in patient safety and not quality or quality improvement alone
  • May improve the process with or without improving patient outcomes if the innovation dramatically improves patient care delivery; however, must not have a negative effect on patients
  • Practical, efficient, timely, and cost effective (e.g., impact on patient safety outcomes outweigh the investment to implement)
  • Applicable and scalable to other sites
  • Employing tools or systems that are not proprietary/commercial
  • Implemented at a single site (e.g., patient care setting, unit, department) are acceptable, however multi-site innovations will be prioritized
  • Implemented at the facility, system, regional, or state level
  • Implemented and sustained for no less than two years and no more than five years
  • Have undergone empirical evaluation using quantitative methods to demonstrate improvements in patient safety outcomes and/or practice
  • Highlighted in the patient safety peer-reviewed published literature

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