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Journal Article

National cluster-randomized trial of duty-hour flexibility in surgical training.

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Remote video auditing with real-time feedback in an academic surgical suite improves safety and efficiency metrics: a cluster randomised study.

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A comparative effectiveness analysis of the implementation of surgical safety checklists in a tertiary care hospital.

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Tallman lettering as a strategy for differentiation in look-alike, sound-alike drug names: the role of familiarity in differentiating drug doppelgangers.

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Young surgeons on speaking up: when and how surgical trainees voice concerns about supervisors' clinical decisions.

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Provider-to-provider communication during transitions of care from outpatient to acute care: a systematic review.

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Does physician's training induce overconfidence that hampers disclosing errors?

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Situation awareness errors in anesthesia and critical care in 200 cases of a critical incident reporting system.

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The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Ebola Crisis: A Perfect Storm of Human Errors, System Failures and Lack of Mindfulness.

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Newspaper/Magazine Article

Drug shortages forcing hard decisions on rationing treatments.

Fink S. New York Times. January 29, 2016.

Soaring numbers of 111 callers forced to wait for a call back.

Donnelly L. The Telegraph. January 31, 2016.


Evaluation of Perioperative Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events.

National Patient Safety Foundation. February 25, 2016; 2:00–3:00 PM (Eastern).

5th Annual Oregon Patient Safety Forum.

Oregon Patient Safety Commission. February 26, 2016; DoubleTree, Portland, OR.

Also of Note

Sentinel Event Issues: How to Prevent Harm.

Joint Commission Resources Quality & Safety Network and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. February 25, 2016; 2:00–3:00 PM (Eastern).

Preventing Overdiagnosis.

Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia, Dartmouth Institute, British Medical Journal, Bond University, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and Consumer Reports. September 20–22, 2016; Barcelona International Convention Centre, Barcelona, Spain.

WebM&M Cases

A Room Without Orders

  • Spotlight Case

Commentary by Amy Vogelsmeier, PhD, RN, and Laurel Despins, PhD, RN

Admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy, a man with leukemia and diabetes arrived on the medical unit on a busy afternoon and waited until his room was ready. The nurse who checked him in assumed that his admitting orders were completed on the previous shift. That night, the patient took his own insulin from home without a meal and experienced a preventable episode of hypoglycemia.

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New Patient Mistakenly Checked in as Another

Commentary by Robert A. Green, MD, MPH, and Jason Adelman, MD, MS

Presenting to his new primary physician's office for his first visit, a man was checked in under the record of an existing patient with the exact same name and age. The mistake wasn't noticed until the established patient received the new patient's test results by email.

Inadvertent Use of More Potent Acid Leads to Burn

Commentary by Howard I. Maibach, MD

An attending physician recommended using acetic acid to evaluate a lesion on the perineum of a woman who had previously experienced a wart in the same area. The resident physician asked the medical assistant for acetic acid and unknowingly received trichloroacetic acid, which burned the patient's skin.

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Perspectives on Safety

Update on Diagnostic Errors


In Conversation With… Mark L. Graber, MD

Dr. Graber founded the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine and the journal, Diagnosis. We spoke with him about the recent National Academy of Medicine (formerly Institute of Medicine) Improving Diagnosis in Health Care report, and about diagnostic errors more generally.


Diagnostic Errors: A New Chapter in Patient Safety Science, Policy, and Practice

Hardeep Singh, MD, MPH

This piece discusses momentum in the field of diagnostic error over the past several years (culminating in the recent Improving Diagnosis in Health Care report) and outlines future avenues to ensure progress in diagnostic safety.

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Did You Know?

Most medication errors involving older patients occurred between 7–9 AM.


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An evaluation of parenteral nutrition errors in an era of drug shortages.

Storey MA, Weber RJ, Besco K, Beatty S, Aizawa K, Mirtallo JM. Nutr Clin Pract. 2015 Oct 27; [Epub ahead of print].

WebM&M Cases

Overdose on Oxygen?

Commentary by B. Ronan O'Driscoll, MD


Associations between attending physician workload, teaching effectiveness, and patient safety.

Wingo MT, Halvorsen AJ, Beckman TJ, Johnson MG, Reed DA. J Hosp Med. 2016 Jan 6; [Epub ahead of print].


National Patient Safety Goals.

Oakbrook Terrace, IL: The Joint Commission; 2015.