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Journal Article

Adverse events experienced by homecare patients: a scoping review of the literature.

Masotti P, McColl MA, Green M. Int J Health Care Qual. 2010;22(2):115-125.

Early efforts in patient safety have focused on error reduction in hospitalized patients, and the ambulatory setting is rapidly emerging with its own body of research. However, patients enrolled in hospice, nursing homes, and homecare settings are underrepresented in the safety literature. This study analyzed more than 160 studies to develop a taxonomy for adverse events in the homecare setting. Categories included adverse drug events and line-related problems as well as the expected focus on wounds and falls. Investigators reported that adverse event rates ranged from 3%–15%, with few intervention trials addressing these opportunities for improvement. The authors advocate for standardized definitions of common homecare–setting events that can foster necessary efforts to improve care for patients in this environment. A related editorial [see link below] discusses the opportunities to advance our understanding of patient safety in the homecare setting.