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Journal Article

Innovative patient safety curriculum using iPad game (PASSED) improved patient safety concepts in undergraduate medical students.

Kow AWC, Ang BLS, Chong CS, et al. World journal of surgery. 2016;40:2571-2580.

Medical schools are increasingly focused on integrating key concepts around patient safety and systems analysis into their curricula. Incorporating interactive learning platforms may provide an effective mechanism for engaging students in addition to more traditional didactics. Investigators developed a mobile application gaming system to convey patient safety concepts to students on a tablet. In this pre–post study, students were initially surveyed on baseline understanding of patient safety concepts, which was followed by a 20-minute lecture on patient safety, 20–30 minutes of the game, and ultimately, a post-intervention survey. The authors concluded that after the intervention, students demonstrated improved overall understanding of patient safety and medical error as well as increased awareness regarding the importance of teamwork and patient engagement in promoting safer care.