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Journal Article

Measurable outcomes of quality improvement in the trauma intensive care unit: the impact of a daily quality rounding checklist.

DuBose JJ, Inaba K, Shiflett A, et al. The Journal of trauma. 2008;64:22-7; discussion 27-9.

Clinicians constantly encounter the challenge of how to ensure that appropriate patient safety measures are reliably carried out, especially in complex environments such as the intensive care unit (ICU). Preventable complications have been successfully reduced through the use of checklists, analogous to those used in aviation. This study used a "quality rounds checklist," which was completed by the ICU fellow, to ensure that trauma ICU patients received important patient safety interventions (including some recommendations of the 100,000 Lives campaign). Use of the tool resulted in significant reductions in ventilator-associated pneumonia and central line–associated bloodstream infections. A prior study implemented a similar tool to ensure multidisciplinary communication in the ICU.