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Organizational Policy/Guidelines

SQUIRE 2.0 (Standards for QUality Improvement Reporting Excellence): revised publication guidelines from a detailed consensus process.

Ogrinc G, Davies L, Goodman D, et al. BMJ quality & safety. 2016;25:986-992.

The rapid growth in literature on patient safety and quality improvement (QI) has been accompanied by controversy about how such studies should be conducted and reported. Influential leaders have argued that QI studies demand a different standard of evaluation than traditional biomedical research, given their complexity. A contrary argument notes that failure to rigorously evaluate such research could result in wasted resources and unanticipated consequences if poorly evaluated interventions are widely implemented. Developed by expert consensus, these guidelines provide a blueprint for reporting the results of QI studies. Since its introduction in 2008, authors and journal editors have widely adopted these guidelines to standardize reporting of safety and QI studies. In 2015, the SQUIRE guidelines were revised through a process that included semistructured interviews, focus groups, consensus meetings, pilot testing with authors, and a public comment period. SQUIRE 2.0 improves the usability of the guidelines and omits the multiple sub-items that were felt to be too confusing for authors in the initial document.