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Connie's Story: A Nurse's Personal Experience with MRSA


The voices of patients are often missing from discussions of the impact of medical errors and adverse events. Ms. Constance Lehfeldt is a former nurse who developed a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection, which ultimately led to a devastating series of complications. Connie bravely describes her story, with understated eloquence, in the video interview. Although the exact source of her MRSA infection remains unclear, it manifested itself after her surgery at a hospital in the PeaceHealth system. That organization has courageously shown this video several times to its employees and leaders—a powerful statement about PeaceHealth's commitment to openness and safety. We thank PeaceHealth Whatcom region, and particularly Connie, for granting us permission to post the powerful testament—which may be freely used for teaching purposes.

Since recovering from the infection (which left her with mild speech problems and blindness in one eye), Connie has joined the Surgical Care Improvement Project at one of the PeaceHealth facilities, doing what she can to improve the safety of other patients.

Watch the video interview: Connie's Story


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