Journal Article

Patient readmissions, emergency visits, and adverse events after software-assisted discharge from hospital: cluster randomized trial.

Graumlich JF, Novotny NL, Nace S, et al. Journal of hospital medicine. 2009;4:E11-9.

Adverse events after hospital discharge are surprisingly common, and the relationship between hospital readmissions and patient safety is a growing concern. Successful interventions to reduce readmissions have focused on using discharge coaches and follow-up calls from pharmacists, or a more resource intensive transition coach. This study adopted the use of a discharge software application to improve communication between hospital-based providers, patients, and their outpatient providers. Investigators discovered no difference in readmissions, emergency department visits, or adverse events with use of the software compared with usual written documentation practices. A past Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality WebM&M commentary discussed two cases of preventable readmissions.