Journal Article

Recommendations to improve the usability of drug–drug interaction clinical decision support alerts.

Payne TH; Hines LE; Chan RC; Hartman S; Kapusnik-Uner J; Russ AL; Chaffee BW; Hartman C; Tamis V; Galbreth B; Glassman PA; Phansalkar S; van der Sijs H; Gephart SM; Mann G; Strasberg HR; Grizzle AJ; Brown M; Kuperman GJ; Steiner C; Sullins A; Ryan H; Wittie MA; Malone DC.

Clinical decision support alerts can help identify potential drug–drug interactions, but they can also contribute to alert fatigue. This commentary provides recommendations to inform the design of decision support to address drug–drug interactions. The authors suggest that improvement strategies focus on standardizing terminology and visual cues.