Journal Article

Effects of nursing rounds on patients' call light use, satisfaction, and safety.

Meade CM, Bursell AL, Ketelsen L. The American journal of nursing. 2006;106:58-70; quiz 70-1.

In 27 different nursing units, investigators designed a series of items that nurses would check on during dedicated patient rounds such as assessing for pain, offering toilet assistance, and placing the telephone and television within reach. They found that implementation of specific actions in frequent nursing bedside rounds reduced patient use of call lights, increased their satisfaction with care, and reduced falls. The authors discuss the implications of these findings and call for greater understanding of the relationship between patient and nurse satisfaction with such interventions. The article also shares a nurse manager's story of how she encouraged the staff to conduct the new rounds and includes an embedded commentary on the sustainability of the efforts one year later. A past article presented similar strategies to encourage greater patient participation in their care.