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PSNet: Patient Safety Network
Journal Article

Translating concerns into action: a detailed qualitative evaluation of an interdisciplinary intervention on medical wards.

Pannick S, Archer S, Johnston MJ, et al. BMJ open. 2017;7:e014401.

Frontline providers possess unique insights for improving patient safety and their perceptions may be different from those of managers and clinical leaders. In this qualitative study, researchers sought to harness this expertise and perspective through a multifaceted intervention that involved structured multidisciplinary briefings, increased organizational awareness of challenges identified by frontline providers, and feedback—referred to as prospective clinical team surveillance. They found that the prospective safety intervention created a sense of psychological safety in which team members were more likely to raise concerns without fear of punishment and increased frontline provider engagement in improvement opportunities. The authors emphasize that such an approach provides managers with better insights into issues affecting care delivery. A past PSNet perspective discussed workarounds and resiliency on the front lines of health care.