Special or Theme Issue

Quality Improvement in Neurosurgery.

Amadio JP; Oyesiku NM; Asher AL; Parker SL; Rolston JD; Selden NR; McGirt MJ; Carter JT; Cheng HQ; Davies JM; Ozpinar A; Lawton MT; Fehlings MG; Nater A; Ghobrial GM; Hamade YJ; Bendok BR; Harrop JS; Groman R; Han SJ; Lau CY; Berger MS; McGirt MJ; Han SJ; Parsa AT; Theodosopoulos PV; Ringer AJ; Witiw CD; Nathan V; Bernstein M; Yang I; Ung N; Nagasawa DT; Pelargos P; Choy W; Chung LK; Thill K; Martin NA; Afsar-Manesh N; Voth B; Ziewacz JE; McGirt MJ; Chewning SJ Jr; Zuckerman SL; Fargen KM; Mocco J; Zygourakis CC; Kahn JG.

This special issue covers elements of safe care delivery in neurosurgery and features articles exploring the use of simulation, checklists, and the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle in designing safety and quality improvement initiatives for this setting.