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Journal Article

Examining the relationship of an all-cause harm patient safety measure and critical performance measures at the frontline of care.

Sammer C, Hauck LD, Jones C, et al. Journal of Patient Safety. 2020;16.

Trigger tools harness electronic health record data to detect and ameliorate safety hazards. Triggers can identify errors in a specific area or more globally measure an organization's safety. Researchers at a large community hospital developed a robust trigger tool to measure all-cause patient harm and assessed what predicted lower all-cause harm at the unit level. Units with increased employee engagement, stronger safety culture, and better patient experience were all correlated with lower rates of all-cause harm. The authors suggest that their tool could serve as a composite measure of patient safety, replacing the hundreds of safety metrics institutions are required to report. A PSNet perspective reinforced the value of a strong safety culture and discussed techniques for bringing about culture change.