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  • Published April 2017

Cost–benefit analysis of a support program for nursing staff.

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Medical errors and adverse events can have a devastating psychological impact on the providers involved, often referred to as second victims. Increasingly, health care institutions are implementing programs designed to provide emotional support to team members who experience emotional distress as a result of adverse events. This study provides an economic cost–benefit evaluation of the Resiliency In Stressful Events (RISE) program at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Investigators estimate a savings of $22,576.05 per nurse who used the RISE program and suggest that the hospital might save as much as $1.81 million annually as a result of RISE. These findings are consistent with a previous study, which demonstrated the positive impact of an emotional support program on work-related outcomes such as turnover intentions and absenteeism. In a past PSNet perspective, Susan Scott discussed the second victim phenomenon and its impact on health care providers.

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